Term 4 2010 - "Zooming In"


Term 2 2010- Ramarama Footprints

School Inquiry Plan: - Seniors:


Group Reflections
School Inquiry: Term 2 PMI (Group 2)
-The ones that live locally were able to shine.
-Some long term families(4 generations at the school)
-we are creating new content- (there is not much about the area).
-chance to gain interviewing skills.
-Different year levels will be working together to collect information to answer the same questions (this will also be helpful for management with the younger classes).
-Opportunities to work with other teachers and syndicates.
-Sharing of resources & ideas.
With each syndicate having a slightly different slant, we are covering the topic really well.
-some didn’t feel like the museum trip related enough to our topic.
(Some students have already covered this kind of general background knowledge).
-Hard to find resources associated with the area.
-Hard to define what the area is.
-a lot of teachers & students are not from the area.
-younger students need more visual resources.
-Topic is challenging to keep younger students engaged.
-We feel that we’re not able to give the students all we can as we are still learning about inquiry too.
There is a bit of topic confusion amongst the younger students.

A lot of students wonder why they need to know this.

We’re going to have to be resourceful to share the ICT.

We are really just starting out on our inquiry adventure.

Opportunities to integrate across the curriculum.