Present: Sigrid, Nadine, Liz, Robin.H, Muriel, Robyn, Jenny, Marquerite, Heath, Saris

Focus: Mathletics by Sigrid.

System will be changing soon.

See notes on the following:
Teachers Centre:
Find out a students weakest operation

Teacher Demonstration:
Concept search- to introduce a maths topic or mathematical idea- for teaching OR part of independent activity
is downloadable. Click on heart to add favourite.
Can put favourites in there. Home Learning Task: pre-loading for next lesson
Animated dictionary
Block access to lower levels in Live Mathletics

Class Admin:
How many times student has attempted an activity
( students can do the same activities over and over as they use different questions to test the same concept)
Over-riding focus activities: eg. for the holidays.

Rain Forest Maths and Times Table Toons.

Teacher Toolkit:
walk throughs, workbooks, widgets - all searchable

Results Manager: launch activity guide to look at degree of difficulty rather than preview.

-Set minimum number of points per week (eg. as part of a reward system)

Report Generator:
strengths and weaknesses