End of Cluster Survey

The staff was re-surveyed to see what gains we had made during the three years on the contract. Six out of the 10 staff surveyed have been at Ramarama School for the duration of the contract.

As the following screenshot shows, all the staff (including the new staff) have had excellent PD opportunities and have attended at least one conference during the contract. With 8 attending more than one conference.

The PD during the contract has led to increased teacher confidence in the use of ICTs. 80% of our teachers rated themselves at
confident to very confident about using ICTs with classes? In the last survey 81% of teachers rated themselves not confident to neutral about using ICTs with students. This is an excellent shift!

With the increased confidence and effective PD, 70% of teachers now agree and 30% strongly agree that ICT can help them improve curriculum delivery in their classes.

benefits of ICT.png

This belief is evident in classrooms as 70% of our teachers now often to consistently integrate ICT into learning programmes. At the beginning of the programme, 72% were only sometimes integrating ICT.